• Water Cooled Compressor Cooling
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Cooling
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Cooling
  • Aluminium Die Casting Machine Cooling
  • Induction Furnace Coil & Electrical Control Panel Cooling

Functions & Features

Casing :

Built to last with corrosion resistant bright GI / aluminium sheet. The casing is divided by baffles, into individual fan sections, to ensure proper air distribution through the coils and maximize efficiency at part loads.

Coils :

Constructed with Copper tubes and Aluminum fins for maximum performance. Coils are leak tested at 300 psig, dehydrated, evacuated, and sealed prior to shipment, to ensure safe reliable operation.

Fans :

Made from durable aluminium / FRP and dynamically balanced for quiet, vibration free operation.

Fan Motors :

415 Volt, 3 Ph motor, IP54 and mounted on rigid galvanized steel supports.

Single and Dual Pump Module*

The module comes complete with industrial grade, close-coupled, centrifugal pumps. The pumps are mounted on a common base and include inlet and discharge piping with throttling, isolating, and check valves.

Electrical Controls*

All electrical components are located in a weather proof enclosure which is integral to GEM Aqua Savers. A built in disconnect is provided as a standard feature. Installation costs are greatly reduced. Fan cycling is also provided as an energy saving feature on all multi fan coolers.

Energy Saving Control Panel*

GEM Aqua Saver series heat exchangers include on/off switch, Power on indicator, fan motor starter and fan cycling thermostats. Fan cycling saves energy and provided temperature control under varying load and ambient conditions.

* Optional

* Product Design and specifications are subject to change due to constant upgradation.


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