Standard Features

World Class Air End :

Low rotor speed, few moving parts and efficient design of compressor minimizes wear & tear, ensuring reliability and long working life.

Clean Intake Air :

High performance two-stage air intake filter prevents dust and dirt particles from entering the compressor and engine. A service indicator on the filter tells you that it needs maintenance and replacement.

Ease of Operation :

All the controls are grouped on a single panel for easy monitoring, safety and fool-proof operation.

Regulation :

Load/Unload regulation of the compressor can be done between set pressure limits

Service Valves :

The compressor is provided with adequate service valves.

Easy Access :

The canopy doors open outwards providing easy access to the machine. With doors up and out of the way, routine maintenance can be performed in less time.

Operating Economy :

You can count on economical fuel consumption and continuous airflow at stable pressure as it’s fully automated stepless control constantly adapts the compressor output to air demand.

Environment Friendly :

Efficient noise dampening canopy and state-of-the art engines that are low on emissions makes our compressors environmentally friendly.

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