The air-cooled compressors of series CPE were designed for high-performance systems and harsh conditions. The machines of this series are characterized by a coaxial coupling, which reduces the energy consumption by 3-5%. It also convinces with a reduced noise level and low maintenance requirements and ensures reliable operation.The alignment of the motor and the compressor based on a centered coupling housing, so that the stability of the machine is ensured. The structure comprises a horizontal combined cooler, increases the cooling performance of the device and facilitates the carrying out of oil changes.

Key Benefits

  • Low sound enclosure
  • 125 psig readily available
  • 100, 150 and 175 psig also available
  • Wye-delta starter and TEFC motor are standard
  • ES4000 microprocessor control (CPE 100 - 125 HP)
  • 230/460V (CPE 100 - 125 HP) and 575V (CPE 100 - 125 HP)
  • Separate oil and aftercoolers
  • Temperature protection on drive side motor bearings (CPE 100 - 125 HP)
  • Air/oil tank with temperature protection • Flexible drive coupling (CPE 150)
  • Improved long life inlet value
  • Latest design minimum pressure/oil stop value
  • Shipped with 8,000 hour lubricant as standard

Technical Data

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