A small, powerful machine featuring the components of larger compressors.

The tank-mounted air compressor is especially suitable for location near the application of the compressed air or as an extension to existing installations.

The tank-mounted compressor with dryer is tailored to installations that need to produce compressed air with a low dew point. The unit consists of a compressor, a tank and a refrigerating dryer using R 134 gas. It features a dew-point indicator and timed condensate discharge. When oil-free compressed air is required, the unit can be fitted with a series of de-oiling filters.

Technical Data


  • Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217 Ed 3 Annex C. 1996.
  • Noise level measured according to Pneurop / CAGI PN8NTC2
  • Suffix D indicate air dryer version.
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